Jennifer Geraci

Jennifer Geraci

Jen Geraci

I’d like to stop and take some time to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m the mother of one handsome son, wonderful daughter in-law, and grandmother of a darling granddaughter, and have one beautiful saluki greyhound mix named Rocco, and am blessed with a very loving family.

My favorite color has been and always will be purple, the rich pigment, and the fact that it was strictly for royalty is just neat.

I started in the states when I was younger working for a hardware chain, I decided I wanted to see the world while I was young enough to see it. From the states I went to Madagascar, Maldives, Seychelles, Kenya, Nairobi, Thomasina, and the most recent of 4 years Dubi.

I have always loved doing arts and crafts, the creation, the freedom, the art. With traveling all over the world I have had a chance to see first-hand, the worlds art and how it is done and the diversity of and now that I have seen the world, I am in a place to finally do what I love, that is why I created Jens 5D Diamonds.

– Jennifer Geraci